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Employment Law

Employment Discrimination Lawyer Serving the legal needs of Kansas City, MO

WLF has over thirty years of experience protecting the legal rights of our clients. If you feel you have experienced employment discrimination, call our firm today and schedule an appointment with our employment discrimination counsel.

Neither an employee's race, age, national origin, gender, religion nor disability should affect how an employer decides matters involving:








Likewise, an employer cannot put into practice any policies that would have an unfair impact on a protected group of employees (women, minorities, people over age 40, etc).

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If you have experienced any of these situations, contact our firm today to schedule an appointment with us to protect your legal rights. You may even have a basis for a class action lawsuit if you are not the only one affected.

The experienced trial counsel at the Whitehead Law Firm, LLC, represent clients across the greater Kansas City, Missouri, area in communities such as Gladstone, Liberty, Independence, Blue Springs, Raytown, Lee's Summit, and Grandview, Missouri, and handle cases in the Johnson County and Wyandotte County areas of Kansas.

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