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Wills, Trusts, Estates

70% of adults do not have a Will. 

Are you in the majority?  

Facing the inevitability of our own death is never an easy task, and it is one that 70% of American adults put off --until it's too late.   
However, planning for the inevitable is the wise choice for men and women, young and old, who want to insure that their hard-earned assets ultimately go to the benefit of their families or their charitable causes.

A sound estate plan can provide you and your loved ones with peace of mind, because it can ensure that the legacy you created during your lifetime will not simply disappear after you are gone.  Your legacy can be preserved and used for the purposes you choose, and not the purposes that a probate judge might choose under the laws of "intestate succession;" that is,  dying without a will. 

WLF can provide legal advice and services on topics including:

Last Will and Testament 

Durable powers of attorney


Revocable Living Trusts or Irrevocable trusts

Medicaid planning

Estate tax planning

Asset protection

Guardianships and conservatorships

Prenuptial/antenuptial agreements

Avoid Probate • Preserve Peace in the Family

Probate can be an expensive and time-consuming process  which can often be avoided with a little planning.  Since 1975, WLF has helped families avoid the time-consuming and costly probate process as well as minimize estate tax liability. 

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