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The nonprofit and exempt organization practice represents a wide variety of nonprofit organizations throughout the country, including churches and other religious ministries, associations, denominations, and universities. Our nonprofit clients range in scope from small start-up organizations and local churches to nationally-known charities and denominations.

We are privileged to serve organizations with diverse missions that impact people in local communities and the world.  See representative clients here.

Through our nonprofit legal expertise, we help to improve the best practices and expand the capacities of such organizations so they can better fulfill their missions.

For information on how the Whitehead Law Firm LLC can put over 30 years of legal experience to work for you, call us toll free, e-mail us, or fill out our intake form on our "Contact Us" page.  Discover how we earned our reputation for legal excellence and our track record of success.

Call 816-398-8967

We have three decades of experience in the area of tax exempt law, and frequently lecture and write on a wide variety of legal issues affecting tax-exempt organizations. We advise our nonprofit clients on numerous issues including:

    * Incorporation

    * Tax-exemption applications

    * Legal audits

    * Charitable solicitation registration

    * State and local tax matters

    * Charitable gifts and fundraising

    * UBIT - Unrelated business income tax

    * Board governance

    * Employment

    * Dispute resolution

    * First Amendment and constitutional issues

    * Investment and endowment policies

    * Lobbying and political activity

    * Private benefit and intermediate sanctions

    * Reasonable Compensation

   *  Parliamentary procedure

   * Personnel policies and manuals

   * Child Protection Policies and training

   * Sex harassment policies & training
   * Marriage and wedding policies

Preventive Law

WLF is a leader in the areas of preventive law, legal audits, and diagnostic tools for nonprofit and tax-exempt organizations.   Our Legal Audit Survey™ and other preventive legal services have helped numerous CEO's and board management teams diagnose and reduce legal risks in all areas of their operation and organization.

As part of our mission to provide preventive legal services, WLF produces a Preventive Law E-letter®, a free service alerting church and ministry leaders to important legal developments in the nonprofit world.

We frequently speak at national nonprofit meetings and often serve on the boards of various charities and professional organizations. We provide in-house training courses on nonprofit and business law, and have authored numerous publications on nonprofit issues.

Call 816-398-8967
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